Mimock is developed for the purpose of setting up mocks for REST endpoints without the hassle of maintaining any code for the mocks. The application exposes a React based UI which can be used by anyone with no prior coding experience to create and maintain mocks.

If an UI application is built with configurable origin for the backend it is consuming, then mimock can be wired up in its place to serve the required response. This is applicable for backend services as well which rely on other API or services to process a request.

Some examples use cases are as follows,

  • If your UI (Web or Mobile) relies on an external metered API which incurs cost based on the total hits, then mimock can be used in its place to mimic that API and serve the response on lower environments or CI/CD pipelines which runs UI automation tests
  • If a backend API relies on another endpoint to download a PDF document and if that PDF server's latency is high which is not bearable for just testing the service locally or while running integration tests on pipelines, then mimock will come in handy for serving the required PDF document