JAR with start-up script

Mimock is a Java based application, hence it requires Java 8+ to run the application.

Docker image

There are two variants of docker images available for mimock

  • complete version [recommended]

The docker image with the latest tag includes all the required artifacts to use mimock with no additional setup. The container can be directly started to use the application and this variant is best suited for local developments workflows.

docker pull mimock/mimock:latest
docker run --name mimock -d -p <destination port>:8080 mimock/mimock:latest
# Once the container is ready, mimock will be available on https://localhost:<destination port>
  • slim version

The slim variant includes only the jar file of the application. The database and keystore setup need to be done by the user, and the required environment variables must be passed to run the container. This image variant is intended for a highly customized setup

docker pull mimock/mimock:slim
# Ensure that PostgreSQL Database is setup before starting the container
# The has a minimal setup for spinning up a DB container
docker run --name mimock-slim -d -p <destination port>:8080 \
-e MIMOCK_DB_SCHEMA=mimock_schema_dev \
-e MIMOCK_DB_URL=jdbc:postgresql://mimock-db:5432/mimock_db \
-e MIMOCK_DB_USER=mimock \
-e MIMOCK_DB_PASSWORD=<db password> \
-e MIMOCK_JWT_SECRET=<key with 32 characters> \
-e MIMOCK_CORS_ORIGINS=http://localhost:3001 \
-e MIMOCK_CORS_ALLOWED_HEADERS=Authorization,Content-Type,X-Requested-With,Accept,X-XSRF-TOKEN \
-e MIMOCK_CORS_EXPOSED_HEADERS=Cache-Control,Content-Language,Content-Length,Content-Type,Content-Disposition,Expires,Last-Modified,Pragma \
# Once the container is ready, mimock will be available on http://localhost:<destination port>

Docker setup using docker-compose file

If docker-compose is preferred, then the docker-compose.yml file includes the services to setup the DB and the app container.

docker-compose up -d
# Destination port can be updated to the desired value if another service is running on port 8080
# ports:
# - "<desired port>:8080"
# Mimock will be available on https://localhost:8080